How To Sell Your House To Modern Home-Buyers

What Millennial Home-Buyers Are Looking For When It Comes Time To Sell Your House

Omaha Dream House sell your house

Whether in Omaha, or in Austin, successfully selling your house often involves marketing to the right demographic.  When it comes time to sell your house, you will find that a lot has changed in the game of real estate. We hear a lot in the news about how the millennials are so burdened with debt and student loans that they can’t even afford to move out of their parent’s home.   

So, it may come as surprise to learn that Millennials have been driving home sales over the past few years. In fact, as of 2016, they made up the largest group of homebuyers perusing the market, and the Omaha housing market is no exception. Not only are they currently the largest housing buyer demographic, but their ranks are swelling each year.

In light of the shifting real estate market, it’s worth taking note of a few of the things Millennials desire most in a home. Because, like every generation of homebuyers, millennials can be a picky bunch who have their own desires and expectations when it comes to buying a home. And speaking of expectations, some of the items they value are probably unexpected.

Millennials are looking for the “right feel”

Omaha House appeal.. Sell your house fast

With sites like Tumblr and shows like HGTV taking over the web, they’ve dreamt and idealized over their perfect home since high school. Their expectations are high, and so if they see peeling exterior paint or a broken deck, they may not take the time to discover your beautiful floors and marble kitchen counters. 

You don’t have to be old and savvy to be picky. Your home’s curb appeal is just as important as the interior. Millennials are looking for either a contemporary, smooth, modern look, or a vintage, almost rustic barn door, appearance. They’ve been told by HGTV exactly what to look for in a potential home, and will often value their expectations over reality

So don’t be shy about fixing up yard and putting some money into your home’s curb appeal. The effort and money you put in will prove its worth a hundred times over.

Open space

Omaha kitchen and open floor plan .. Sell your house quick

Whether your house is old or new, they love an open floor plan. Big, spacious, airy, rooms are at the top of millennials wish list. Formal family rooms and dining rooms simply aren’t that important to them. They want flow, space, and lots of it. Demolishing interior walls probably isn’t an option for you (unless it is, in which case consider going forward with it), but there are a few alternatives.

Consider getting rid of that furniture which has been clogging up the living room for years. Move objects around to maximize flow and walking space. Improved interior lighting can do wonders towards making a room feel bigger. Millennials also loves hanging out in the kitchen, so consider adding a few updates to give it a newish appearance.

Low Maintenance 

Omaha Hardwood Floors sell your house

Millennials may know a lot about the modern houses, but it doesn’t mean they want to be taking care of them. They are all about minimal maintenance. It makes sense. The less time they need to spend worrying about fixing and maintaining the property, the more time they will have for social media and events they truly enjoy. 

Millennials look at a home and immediately calculate the kind of maintenance it will need. Hardwood floors, are a notable example of this. Easier to clean and maintain than carpet, hardwood, and often laminate, has become the flooring of choice throughout much of the U.S.

 Remember… If you want to sell your house, it’s about more than just looks!


Technology will help you sell your house

 New is Better, especially when it comes to technology. Want to impress the millennials? Forget your solid oak bookshelves, and show them how you can see who is at the front door from your smart phone. Smart, doesn’t just apply to phones anymore though. Smart homes are catching on and nearly every millennial wants one. Controlling the thermostat in your home while sitting in the parking lot of your local supermarket may sound like the future, but it’s already here and millennials want it.

They are just as likely to be impressed by LED lighting and voice command systems as by new stainless-steel kitchen appliances.

We said it before and we’ll say it again, millennials are picky. They are out for a specific type of home and often look around for months before settling on a property. But not everyone has the the time, energy, or money to fix up their house into a millennials dream. There, are, however, other ways to sell your Omaha house fast, without needing to make expensive repairs.  If you want to move, then it is often better to sell your house quickly rather than waiting. Waiting will only mean more expenses and eventual repairs when it finally comes time to sell.  So, if you have the chance to sell your House Fast, it’s generally a good idea to take it.

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