5 Reasons To Sell Your Home To An Investor In 2018

Inheritance, bad tenants, and even financial woes can put you in a position where you need to sell your home fast.
And when you’re pressed for that kind of time, selling to a real estate investor can be a huge help!
Both to your pocket and your sanity.
Here are 5 reasons why you should sell your home to an investor in 2017:

1) There Are No Realtor Commissions Or Fees 

If you’ve ever sold a home though a realtor, then you’re probably no stranger to paying them 6% of the total sale of your home.
That’s an average of $12,000 in fees!
Selling to an investor means you get to keep that money. Some investors will even cover your closing costs, which can really add up.

2.) We Don’t Require Repairs Or Property Maintenance

When you place your home on the market, it is guaranteed that buyers will submit a “request for repairs.” The worst part is, if you don’t agree to all of them, it could be a deal breaker and the buyer is free to walk.
Selling to an investor saves you the time and the headache.
Because we buy homes “as-is.”
That means no annoying repair requests. And you can leave what you don’t want behind! We’ll take care of it for you. Because who likes to pack unwanted stuff?

3.) Sell On Your terms

Working with an investor can help you sell on your terms. That means, no more working around buyer demands. You decide when you want to sell your house, whether it’s next week or a few months down the road.
We buy with cash.
So there is no waiting on lenders or holding your breath hoping funding goes through. This can be a HUGE deal when you need to sell fast.

4.) No Open Houses Or Multiple Viewings.

Open houses are great, as long as it’s not your house.
In fact, they can be a downright nuisance.
Not only are you kicked out of your home every weekend, but it also opens up your home to potential theft.
Not to mention the added stress of keeping the home spotless constantly. It’s enough to drive anyone a little batty.
With an investor you only have one viewing… us!

5.) Fast Closings

Investors are able to close weeks within signing a contract, minimizing the burden of selling your home. Here at House Fast Cash we’ve closed in as little as 7 days. Fast closing means back taxes, bills, and other financial issues can be a thing of the past.
By closing quickly, you’ll be able to cash out on the equity in your home and quickly relieve a mountain of stress.
Whether you choose to go with the real estate agent that’s impossible to get a hold of or put your trust in a seasoned investor…
It’s all a matter of what works best for you!
And if what works best for you is selling to an investor…
Or if you want to learn more about the process…
Then give us a call at: (402) 858-8811 or fill out our form below.
We’ve dealt with all kinds of properties, situations, and families. We believe in making fair offers, with no obligations. Just good people helping good people.

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